Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homemade Version of 'Clorox Anywhere Spray'

With school starting back, the kiddos will be bringing more germs in the house, not to mention the germs that invade during the up and coming cold/flu season. Therefore, why not start a daily disinfecting routine in your home…for LESS than a penny a week…yes, LESS than a penny!
Make your own version on Clorox Anywhere Spray!

Where can it be used?
Anywhere Hard Surface daily sanitizing spray can be used in every room of the house, on hard, nonporous surfaces including: highchairs, changing tables, sinks, plastic or glass cutting boards, refrigerators, countertops, doorknobs and lunch boxes.
There are surfaces you will want to sanitize more often—like plastic cutting boards and other food contact surfaces to help reduce the spread of harmful bacteria, like E. Coli and Salmonella choleraesuis. Bacteria from the kitchen and bathroom can quickly spread throughout the home by traveling on our hands from one surface to another, so it is important to manage the spread of bacteria on frequently touched surfaces. Bacteria can survive on the bathroom doorknob or the kids’ toys for up to 72 hours, leaving plenty of time for them to be picked up by another family member.

Will it damage clothing/fabric?
This daily sanitizing spray should not whiten or bleach surfaces, nor should it damage fabrics or clothing, due to its low bleach concentration. That said, it is intended for use on hard, nonporous surfaces.
This is the part that I had the most questions about. I have had clothes spotted by bleach and ruined. Therefore , I did my own investigation with this recipe and sprayed it on an old dark gray piece of t-shirt to see how it would effect it. 
I didn't just spray it on, but I pretty much soaked it.

I am a little disappointed to see what I found.  After letting it dry outside in the heat for over an hour, it looked fine except for a slight orange tinted spot on the edge which proved to be a result of the bleach.  Therefore, I will not be spraying this solution near my good dish towels or rags, but I will use it!  Note, again...I soaked it in the solution, not just a spritz.  I will, also, make sure to shake the bottle before using.

How long should you let it sit?
The product takes two minutes to kill 99.9% of common household bacteria on hard, nonporous surfaces. After that time, you can wipe up or let the liquid evaporate.

 Let’s talk money!
An average bottle of Clorox Anywhere Spray (22 oz.) costs between $2.75-$3.25.
I paid $1.64 (Walmart brand bleach: 3 qts.) +.97 (8 oz. bottle)= 2.61
(You can find larger bottles for about a dollar. This is just the size I preferred).
Here comes the WHOPPER!
If I were to use a 22 oz. bottle (equal to the Anywhere Spray), I could get 384 full bottles out of my 3 qts. of bleach!!!! All for only $2.61!!!  Therefore, I am paying less than a PENNY for each 22 oz. bottle of my own version on Clorox Anywhere Spray! AMAZING!
If I were crazy and bought 384 bottles of Clorox Anywhere Spray at $3/bottle, I would be paying $1,152!

8 oz. bottle= 5/8 tsp. bleach + water
10 oz. bottle= 2/3 tsp. bleach + water
12 oz. bottle= 7/8 tsp. bleach + water
16 oz. bottle= 1 and 1/8 tsp. bleach + water
20 oz. bottle= 1 and 3/8 tsp. bleach + water
22 oz. bottle = 1 and ½ tsp. bleach + water (Clorox Anywhere Spray Bottle size)


  1. thank you for doing the research and providing this information. Good way to save money!

  2. How do we know that the homemade solution is really killing germs?

  3. Thank you for the recipe & the bottle size ratio table.
    Sharon - you can do your own before & after microscope slides using rotten dinner leftovers as your germ culture.

    Nothing can survive a strong enough solution of bleach so when I'm in doubt on strength, I just add an extra capful ( and be careful since its thus stronger).

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