Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Several Baking Tips

It's baking season, so here are a few tips....

Baking Products that Last:  If you don't use all of your baking products or you are the type that buys in bulk, did you know you can preserve a lot of them in the freezer?  Baking Chocolate, Baking Chips, Flour, Nuts, Dried Fruit, Butter, Marshmallow and Cream Cheese!!!
Dust Your Pan with Cocoa:  Instead of dustinng your pan with flour and it leaving your cake with a white residue, try dusting your chocolate dessert with cocoa instead.
Quick Cookies:  When making drop cookies, make a double batch.  Form cookies into balls and freeze.  Once frozen, move them to individual freezer bags.  Later, you can bring out as many cookies as you need to bake, and no need for thawing.  This is great for those moments when you have unexpected guests.
Dough Sticking to Your Rolling Pin:  Do you have problems with moist dough sticking to your rolling pen?  Take a pair of clean, never-worn knee-high stockings and cut a hole in the toe.  Slide the nylon over the rolling pin.  The nylon will help keep the dough from sticking because it makes an even layer of flour on the pin so you can easily flatten your dough.


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